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Inner and Outer Balance


There are at least three components to living blissfully. The first of these is the relationship with the outer world, the second one the relationship with ourselves, and the third one the balance between those two.  


Our relationship with the outer world requires skills like assertiveness, flexibility, confidence, independence, setting boundaries, and the ability to connect with others.


The relationship with ourselves requires insight, self-awareness, healthy self-love, self-compassion, mindfulness, understanding of our needs, values, and boundaries, weaknesses and strengths and our purpose.


The imbalance between these two areas can cause various effects from feelings of emptiness, discouragement, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, withdrawal, and physical effects.


My Belief

Balance is the key to practicing effectively and preventing burnout.

Danai Roussi, MBPsS, Licensed Psychologist & Therapeutic Counselor


Patricia, Speech Therapist



I loved her consistency, commitment, genuine care, and her therapeutic approach!

Apart from being there when I was feeling overwhelmed and needed her the most, she helped me connect deeply with myself, prioritize and reaffirm my values and personal needs.

Irene, Mental Health Counselor


Danai is supportive, kind, understanding, effective and easy to work with.

We worked both with CBT and Positive Psychology interventions in order to reduce my stress levels, and the results were amazing.

I learned to maintain my inner peace and became much more aware of myself and the way I function as a person – so I can easily prevent burnouts and other unpleasant situations.

Georgia, School Counselor



Danai has been a great help, a great listener and a significant factor in where I am now.

She helped me regain confidence after a major work dissapointment and turn it into a positive experience.

I find the bespoke guided meditation recordings really effective and I cannot recommend her therapeutic skills highly enough!

From Burnout to Balance

A self-care guide for therapists

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