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Balance is the key to practicing effectively and preventing burnout.

Danai Roussi, MBPsS, Licensed Psychologist & Therapeutic Counselor

Therapeutic Approach

I am quite happy to help you recognise and resolve issues that prevent you from happiness, fulfillment and good function of your life. Together we can either discuss and decide the areas to focus our therapy or to work holistically. My treatment approach combines Cognitive Behavioral techniques, Person-Centered skills, Positive Psychology tools, and Mindfulness, with your empowerment and insight as main goals.

I'm a very good listener and I have a genuine care for my clients. I am able to listen not just the words, but the underline message you deliver as well. So far I have helped all the women who trusted me, to walk successfully through their lives' challenges, to set the right goals and achieve them. It makes me really proud the fact that with the rights tools and our therapeutic relationship you can improve your life for the better!

Some of the best reasons to work with me include:

Exclusiveness - I only work with a maximum of five clients.

The reason is that I focus on results and the quality, not the quantity. ​

Value - you are so valued for me! I give you my full attention, care and responsiveness.

That's again the reason that I work with a limited number of clients.​

Easiness - easily scedule your appointment without being stressed about availability.

For all the above reasons!​

Convenience - no traffic jams, transportation costs and time loss on the way.​

Comfort - professional help in your home, office or any place you feel comfortable.​​

Confidentiality - private video conference link plus no one can see you visiting a therapist.

My journey in Psychology started years ago when I decided to become my true self and live a meaningful life, overcoming boundaries and traumatic experiences of the past. Since then I became a Psychologist and Therapeutic Counselor and Graduated Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

I am a Licensed Psychologist snd Therapeutic Counselor, global citizen, and mindful living enthusiast, who loves to help women like you to balance their inner and outer world by identifying the problematic areas of their lives, creating a deeper connection between the inner and outer self, their personal and professional lives, between taking care of others and taking care of themselves, and balancing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their existence.

During my free time you can find me having brunch with womens' clubs, photo shooting around the city with friends, listening to podcasts and meditate.

I speak English, Greek and Italian.​​

If you want to learn more about me we can scedule a free chat.

Who am I

Professional Certifications & Career

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You can find inner peace and balance easily and effortlessly!

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